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If he can do that for her, then he’s alright in my eyes. I guess the most important thing is after she and Mike had their little thing, she was extremely upset for a while. She’s like a sister to me, so it’s just good to see her happy again and smiling again and living life instead of being at home sad and depressed.

Back in November, Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay filed for divorce from Mike Shay for reasons that still aren't entirely clear.

But while there was reportedly no infidelity involved, Scheana has wasted no time in moving on with a new dude.

When the couple split, Mike Shay’s sobriety was questioned, so he took to Instagram to give his response to the rumors, saying: I am not missing. We might have failed at our marriage, but we are committed to succeeding as friends and will continue to support each other’s personal happiness and professional success.

Shay then lashed out, saying that it was her choice to be called that.

At one point in the conversation, Scheana says she caught Shay texting another girl while they were married.

His reaction leads us to believe that there’s some guilt on his part in that situation.

We did couples therapy and as you saw last season, he did have the addiction with pills and once he quit that, things got a lot better.

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Then as you saw this season, once he quit drinking things got even better.

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  1. She has two sisters, Gisemi and D’ana, and two brothers, Xavier and Elijah. In March, the bball star posted an Instagram comment that read “Will u marry me” on one of Rolle’s pictures, to which she responded, “yes I will.