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She has two sisters, Gisemi and D’ana, and two brothers, Xavier and Elijah. In March, the bball star posted an Instagram comment that read “Will u marry me” on one of Rolle’s pictures, to which she responded, “yes I will.It seems Shaq may be ready to give marriage another go… Today, tomorrow, and forever yours.” Whether or not it’s real is still up in the air– it likely could have been a joke between the two."I think he may have proposed to his girlfriend," Sam David told the newspaper."He brought a chair into the middle of the dance floor and he put a ring on her finger." O'Neal has had a busy summer already, airing the second season of his own TV show "Shaq Vs." and learning Hebrew.They split in 2009, and by 2011, Shaq was dating reality TV star, Nikki ‘Hoopz’ Alexander.

After her VH1 run ended, Nicole says she didn’t take everything that came her way. Alexander, it was about making the right choices for herself professionally and doing things of substance. “For the longest I’ve always ended up in the media in a negative way, sometimes good, mostly bad. It comes with the territory…They’ve said everything that they possibly could. I’m in the best place that I could ever be in my life. We have several offers coming in…We have been approached for reality shows and all kinds of stuff like that…We mesh together very, very well. At the end of the day though, one of the most dominant centers in NBA history knew his playing days were up. It’s almost like a rubber band and then once you pop it, it doesn’t have that elasticity anymore. He did everything he could to play as long as he could…A lot of people don’t take into consideration his size with an injury like that. “Not that he was giving up hope on it, but once you see him let go of it, it’s like, ok, this is real.

If Shaq and Rolle end up getting married, it won’t be the first time the athlete has walked down the aisle.

In 2002, he tied the knot with Shaunie (Nelson) O’Neal, and the couple has four children together (Shareef, Amirah, Shaqir, and Me’arah).

I think that’s just a lot of people…Everyone’s going to have their own opinion. Depending on what you do afterwards, I did not take everything that came my way as far as magazine covers or different shows. Nicole provides us with a detailed analysis of why he retired: “Your body shuts down on you and he has this injury, which essentially the whole part of walking right or any type of agility. We did everything we could to try to get him back even to be out there.

I was offered to do several different shows and I turned them down.

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