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Although purposefully matched by the producers as having similar likes and interests, it's obvious from the jump that these couples have no guarantee for compatibility ~ and it's shown at the end of each episode if a second date is warranted!Although the first show had couples from different age groups and ethnicities, not all of them turned out successful (just like real life) ~ although I did find it heartwarming that the pair I was rooting for lasted long after the filming ended!

Brought to life by the great Ellen De Generes, this show pairs up couples who have never met before, having their blind date at a restaurant in front of the cameras.

“Love Connection” shot over a period of about one week, bringing the New York-based Cohen to Los Angeles to do what he does best: prod into people’s personal lives.

Within minutes of introducing the second contestant — whom Cohen dubbed “buff Jesus,” thanks to his large stature and long mane of silky hair — the host asked about the size of his manhood. “I’m very true to myself on the show, so when there’s a hot guy on the show, I say, ‘Wow this guy is really hot,'” he adds, noting that a gay man would not have been tapped to host a national TV show back in the ’80s when Chuck Woolery emceed the original series.

In fact, Darnell says that he was looking at reviving “Love Connection” at Warner Bros., long before other networks began to greenlight game show reboots.

“It’s a trend, but since I got here, we’ve been trying to figure out if we should bring it back in syndication or in primetime,” he says.

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“The trend just hit at the right time.” “I think that they always worked,” Cohen chimes in, speaking of game shows.

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