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And then Wayne's Abbi Jacobson and co-creator Ilana Glazer came along with Broad City.

(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Comedy Central)!

The letter, instead, is filled with impressions and essayistic tendencies: honesty, self-questioning, playfulness, quotation, a dash a cheek, a sprinkle of paradox, and posturing. But the little anecdote is carefully and calculatedly revealed—not so dissimilar from the way Portman’s bare legs casually cock out of oversized sweaters in the fashion ads that pepper the piece.

“My trick, if it's a trick, is to cut the scene really well and show it to the people I'm asking,” Braff said after the premiere at an audience Q&A. The latter surely put a target on Braff’s back — many questioned why the successful star of Scrubs would need to go hat in hand to the Internet for financing — but he said he wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“If it moves them, they usually say yes.” (It helps, too, that the Grammy-winning Garden State soundtrack moved over 1.3 million copies back in 2004.) Braff also managed to lure Bon Iver to contribute to Wish I Was Here — “We sent [music supervisor] Mary Ramos to Wisconsin and they wrote a song pretty much on the spot” — and teased another major contribution in the works: “We have another giant act, one of my favorite artists of all time, who’s mulling writing something that would be in the theatrical release.” The film is as music-heavy as Garden State, then, but ten years out, Braff’s attempting to tackle something more grown-up than that study of mid-twenties malaise: In Wish I Was Here (which Braff wrote with his brother Adam), he plays Aidan Bloom, a nearing-40 father prone to Walter Mitty-like fantasies who’s forced to examine his spirituality as the death of his cancer-stricken father (Mandy Patinkin) draws closer. “So many people we know had organized religion presented to them by their parents and so many people in my generation are stepping away from it, I feel, and going, 'Okay, aspects of it I love — I love holidays, I love Woody Allen movies — but the religion aspect of it doesn't work for me. “When it came time to make this film, we were presented with all the obstacles that filmmakers are presented with: 'You're gonna have to cut all this, you're gonna have to shoot in Vancouver, the fantasies will go.

Since winning her Oscar for “Black Swan,” in 2011, it feels like Natalie Portman’s been quiet: the only theatrically-released movies she’s appeared in since then were the two “Thor” films and “Your Highness,” two of which were shot before “Black Swan” was released.

But though it might not seem that way, she’s been very busy, first with the birth of her child, then with a series of long-delayed projects (two films for Terence Malick, including “Knight Of Cups,” which screened at Berlin but won’t go on release til next year, plus “Jane Got A Gun,” which is still in limbo over two years after it started filming), and her directorial debut, the Amos Oz adaptation “A Tale Of Love And Darkness.” Portman has been at TIFF with the film this week (read our review), and the actress has been talking about the movie, discussing with Screen Daily how Israel is a good place to be a female director (“Women are bossy there so there was no situation where I would ever feel like people weren’t listening to me”), and the lessons she learnt from the late Mike Nichols, who she worked with on “Closer,” and “Black Swan” helmer Darren Aronofsky.

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