Sadako is a mysterious person that Yuu often sees hanging around the library.

She disappears into a corner whenever Yuu tries to greet her.

What could be hiding behind those thick set of glasses?

------------------------------------------------- in progress Yuu's childhood friend. Yui always keeps a look out for Yuu, and makes sure that he doesn't get into too much trouble.

With a massive build and leadership skills, Daichi has been eyed by many scouts throughout the years.

----------------------------------------------- in progress Position: Point Guard Kenji is a bubbly and outspoken person, with a sharp tongue to boot.

Mamoru's height allows him to be a very versatile player, and he excels in both mid range offense and defense.

----------------------------------------------- in progress Position: Small Forward Mamoru, just like Kenji, is an outspoken person, and often gets into arguments with him.

This could be advancing routes of particular love interests, hanging out with your team mates, or other activities such as studying, training, or doing a part time job!

In your quest to win the Interhigh Championships, can you make the right decisions with your remaining days to reach the perfect ending?

This allows plenty of possibility for you to pursue those that might only be of interest to you, or if you are a perfectionist, plan your days carefully so that you can maximize everything. Emi's strong character keeps the team in check, and ensures that everyone does their training plans accordingly.

Emi's support has been paramount in the team's success to date.

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