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Studies in Muslim Apocalyptic (Darwin Press, forthcoming).

The theological arguments may be arcane, but they are part of the everyday discourse of Muslim populaces and are widely used to interpret events.

In particular, he sees the Battle of Armageddon fought between Israel and the Western Christian nations on one side, led by the dajjal, and a group of Muslims on the other.

The Muslims, he asserts, will defeat the dajjal and go on to conquer Western Europe.

Jews, who have endured a minority and despised status for millennia, predominantly envision a messianic figure who does nothing more than free them from domination by others; they believe in Arminolus, a semi-demonic figure who personifies evil, but has relatively minor importance.

The Christian belief in an Antichrist—the antithesis of Jesus Christ and the enemy of all Christians, commonly believed to be a Jew—has had a far wider impact.

True to his European conspiratorial sources, Ayyub devotes much attention to Christian history, seeing all of it as a Jewish plot engineered by the dajjal—including the conversion of Europe to Christianity, the Crusades, the Reformation, the Industrial Revolution, and the world wars.The Antichrist (known in Islam as the dajjal) will appear close to the end of the world to seduce Muslims away from Islam and corrupt them.Jesus is then usually said to come down from the heavens to fight and defeat the dajjal, then pave the way for the messiah (known as the mahdi) who will fill the earth with justice and righteousness.Further, because Christians believe the messiah has already come, they usually emphasize that Christ's return will lead to the conversion of the Jews.The principal event at the end of time is known as the Hour (i.e., the Hour of Judgment or the Hour of Resurrection), by which they mean the moment when God's presence is physically manifest to humanity and the world's existence comes to an end.

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