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Here's a look at some of the most misogynist lines ever spit: Big L, always the economist, makes some budgetary calculations of the heart.

Snoop Dogg gets straight to the point in the golden era of rap misogyny.

Since 1980, the original River Oaks showroom has grown to a half-dozen locations throughout the United States.

Matt Camron's offerings have also branched into contemporary designs, reproductions of antiques from centuries past, flat weaves and over-dyed rugs utilizing wool, silk, bamboo, hemp and other materials and sometimes working with local artists to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

The game has a long history of beating up on women, no matter how many rappers were raised by their mommas.

Like gays, broke people and haters, women were a convenient punching bag for the bars before there even was rap.

Despite the past, a new movement of unapologetic femininity has taken hold of rap in the form of Drake, but that wasn't always the case.

Kiss going in on his gold medal misogyny track, "F*ckin' or What?

" The entire song could be on this list, but this line's the best. Every day, a child is born to a woman who will someday grow up to think, talk and rap just like this.

Matt Camron is expanding the flat weave collection to designs that mimic traditional Swedish country rugs (inspired by a visit to Stockholm) and others that draw upon African patterns and colors, as well as more Navaho-inspired pieces.

All this is in addition to one of the most extensive collections of antique kilims in the nation, an antique furniture store in Dallas and involvement in the Islamic arts section at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

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