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“But narcissists are grandiose, overly selfish, and exploitive.They have to be in the spotlight and don’t notice when their partners are in distress.”So ask yourself: Is it worth maintaining a relationship with such a person?Keith Campbell, Ph D, associate psychology professor at the University of Georgia and author of the book When You Love a Man Who Loves Himself.The key is, he explains, to evaluate how your guy is narcissistic in the context of his overall character.“In that case, you have cause for real concern, and he could get worse,” says Campbell. “The child creates a ‘false self’ who is everything that the narcissist is not, but would like to be.“A person can display a few narcissistic traits, but not have a full-on personality disorder,” Buehler says. Think of the audacity of some American Idol contestants!”9 to 19:“This is a person who is moderately full of himself,” says W.

But false answers to those statements indicate that his positive traits override his grandiose tendencies.20 or more: Watch out!

You both sort of cheated once -- but it was a Ross-Rachel thing. If you scored a majority of B’s: You’re dating a no-nonsense dude. If you scored a majority of C’s : Your boyfriend is so in love with you that you don’t need to worry about him being a narcissist.

He refuses to make eye contact with anyone that's not you.5. He immediately picks a fight because your ex looked you "in the eye" and threatens to beat him up if he ever comes near you ever again. That or he’s so selfish he doesn’t really care about you and your needs.

“The latter are the hardest to have a relationship with, because they are so ‘me’ focused.”Your partner may preen and primp and adore compliments—but if he also shows empathy, concern about your welfare, and compassion, his positive traits may override his narcissistic tendencies. Yes, he may sometimes be boastful, especially if you answered true to items 1 to 6.

Just be sure to watch out for extreme behavior that could endanger your relationship—or you. And true answers from 7 to 10 mean he might be vain—or simply an ambitious man on his way up the corporate ladder.

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Experts say narcissists are unlikely to change, so the answer depends on how deep his self-love is.

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