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believe me on this one.1800GMTrucks was a sex line.

In the show's defense, pretty much EVERYTHING was a sex line back then.last time I called, I was put on hold with a waiting time of 59 minutes. I did the internet forms and found out that, even with all of the traffic zooming by my home, FEMA considers me unapproachable and my appraiser from them is delayed due to this. (I did that a couple of hurricanes ago and got only the money I spent on generator gas.I wonder if anyone else in the city knows that my place is inaccessible and if they do, would it make any difference to the traffic going by?1800GMCTrucks was the official line (yes, it's too many numbers in either case)Every possible connotation of innuendo involving "overhead cab," "1800 pounds of thrust," and "bi-valve carb" are shooting through my skull like pachinko balls in a Hokkaido gambling clearly go to different "houses" in asia.where I go, the balls aren't shooting out of pachinko machines.. and my wife would not approve of me going on sex tourism.

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Acidicnads: I remember an old Home Improvement show where the Tool Man says "1-800- SPANK-ME." So, as any kid would do I called it and it was a sex line./csb Close. They edited it for Home release and TV to DOG-POUND.

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